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Productivity Improvement:
    • Process time analyzes and optimization
    • Overhead time reduction
    • Clean time optimization
    • Uptime improvement:
    • Conditioning Strategy
    • Wet Clean Optimization
    • Chamber to Chamber matching
    • Gas and Material consumption
Process  and Tool Trouble Shooting:
    • Support in Analytics and rout cause finding
    • Leading and guiding of trouble shooting Teams

Plasma Process Know How:
  • Tool and process development
    (Initial development, Characterization)

  • External development and pilot production with partners
  • Process control methods
    (OES, IR absorption, QMS)

  • Cleaning efficiency
Plasway leads the way to Plasma Processing

+49 351 2681262
+49 351 2118294 (fax)
Plasway-Technologies GmbH
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 2b
01728 Bannewitz
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