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One Day Training Classes in
Atomic Layer Processing (ALE, PEALD)

Typical Topics:
Basics principles of Atomic Layer Processing (ALP)
Applications of ALD & ALE
(PE)ALD & ALE Equipment and Design
(PE)ALD & ALE Precusrors & Gases
In-situ Process characterisation
Market overview & Forecast 2015-2020

The topics can be set up individualy on request.
Two Day Training Classes
in Plasma Etching and PECVD

Typical Topics:
  • Reactive Gas Glow Discharges: Plasma etching, reactive ion etching, and PECVD
  • Operation of Low and High Density Plasma Sources
  • Influence of major Hardware Items (ESC,..)
  • Surface Science Aspects of Plasma Etching
  • The Role of Energetic Ion Bombardment in Obtaining Etch Profile Anisotropy
  • Etching of Silicon and Its Compounds in Halogen-based Etching
  • PECVD and It´s Role in Plasma Etching
  • PECVD Processes of Greatest Importance in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The topics can be set up individualy on request.
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